What's Stopping You




I took the liberty of allowing the image capture your focus first. We’re heading into August and many of you probably promised you’d be in that two piece bikini by now. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your time is up. Summer will be over in two months. So what’s been stopping you?


Fellas, that six-pack you’ve wanted to build isn’t going to do itself, so I urge you to get off of your rear. Before you know it we’ll be heading into fall and winter where the toll of the holidays will add more excuses to our plates and inches. What adjustments are you willing to make now and this month? Will you be in the same cycle as you were this year going into next year or will you finally take responsibility?


The time is now to change.




So 2013 was an uphill battle for you. You probably didn’t get to where you think you should have on the road to your weight-loss or fitness journey. Maybe it was due to the fact that you slipped up where you should have been a bit more disciplined, maybe you took too many days off from the gym or simply fell off the bandwagon altogether. Guess what? It’s okay! What’s most important going into the New Year is that you DO NOT repeat the same habits that you got you “unwanted results”; success or failure, regardless of outcome is still a result. What we want to work on now is correcting those behaviors and not waiting until 2014 to correct them.

1. Be specific 

Where did you go wrong? Was it your meal planning (not hitting your macros? Just eating junk all of the time or not having the knowledge in terms of what to eat based on macro count?) Was it not having a solid work-out plan or lacking the discipline to stick to your program? Let’s get real and raw. Write down what it was.

2. Take MASSIVE Action. 

It may hurt to admit it but you fell off! You want to be in the best shape you can possibly be in, right? Now lets take massive action which means no longer making EXCUSES as to why we can’t do it. You must take the first step to correct the above problems.

3. Keep A Journal 

You want to log and track everything that you’re doing (i.e. what you’re eating, how much weight you’ve lifted and what the next goal is.) You can even have weekly challenges set for yourself and when you meet that challenge, REWARD yourself. It doesn’t have to be a “guilty” pleasure, as I’m a practitioner of the IIFYM concepts but within reason. It can be perhaps, taking YOURSELF out to the movies or choosing an alternative.


You want people who will hold you accountable moving forward into 2014. Let’s end the stop and go madness and remain consistent. Only you are responsible for the results you’d like to see and only YOU can change the outcome.

5. E-mail me for your initial consult. (fitforlife84@gmail.com)

I’m available to help you from meal planning, work-out programming, life coaching and the like. Do not hesitate to contact me to learn more about the services provided.

Open Letter

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Hello all,

The last year has been a roller coaster of a ride for me in the fitness and nutritional realm. I have much to learn still but I still see a lot of f*ckery within the entire fitness and nutritional industry of so-called “experts” and “gurus”. Due to overly marketed fad diets, rip-offs of other experts material and now an explosive growth in the concept of intermittent fasting and also the “Paleo” diet.

One word to describe this: DISAPPOINTING!

In the past, I’ve often praised paleo and intermittent fasting and perhaps I wasn’t language neutral in my previous posts and I apologize to anyone reading my blog. Perhaps, you need to know a little of the background and how I started on this road. Approximately 8-10 years ago, I took an interest in weight-lifting and how it improves sport performance and in turn I fell in love with it. Let’s fast forward 2011 and now with the nutrition and dietary consulting via researching other credible sources of information (i.e. http://www.leangains.com) and also the Warrior Diet. And BOOM: Here I am. I credit Martin Berkhan for a lot of the information I’ve come across in intermittent fasting, muscle gain and health. He is in my opinion one of the stand-outs and often NON-credited fitness/nutritional scholar of our generation.

What does this mean?

It means I’m tired of the mundane and overly hyped. It means it would help if people would truly research and not just listen to a crock of bullish*t from fitness trainers and so-called “experts” but instead learn what an opinion is. The science in this field has become so vast and it varies to so many extremes. When it comes to me personally, I’d rather stick with the practical/pragmatic get it done sh*t, process with clients, etc and maybe that’s it. Of course I use the science and research to back it up but I’m talking about the tangibles. What works! And if you’re like that, then it’s possible you’re stuck on an island and surrounded by sh*t storm.


Here’s what I mean. There are limits imposed on the collective ability to fairly evaluate, appreciate and ultimately judge an opinion. To quote Martin Berkhan, “This has been made very clear to me in the year that passed – through several very specific examples, equally well represented by characters from the scientific community, and the new breed of broscientists who spout nonsense and lies with scientific pretenses.” (www.leangains.com)

So what now?

Listen, this isn’t an open letter to kiss anyone’s ass but merely to express some of what I have thought as of late. I love giving those that follow this blog awesome content but also something for you to “chew on”. I haven’t been perfect but I am growing each day to become better at this. Martin is perhaps one of the first individuals to open my eyes to the b.s. within our fitness community and the lack of integrity in this industry. Many will backstab, copy, imitate and character assassinate another just to get a few bucks. Really? This is what we have come to just to get “ahead”. There’s plenty to go around for everyone, it’s just often the unlearned get sucked into the sh*t storm. My views may have changed a bit in terms of nutrition but a bulk of my training habits haven’t. I stick with what works and as a sign of integrity (please look up the word and you’ll see it’s not what you may think it is) I’ve been able to grow consistently and TWEAK what needs to be tweaked. That means, I’m not so caught up in doing the same sh*t over and over again, and even though I’m not seeing any type of results that I continue the same thing again. No, that isn’t me. I am so fixed on fixing myself that it’s almost obsessive. It’s SCARY sometimes! Listen, I ONLY give advice if I’m following that same advice and/or have experience or expertise in that area. I’m not going to PREACH some b.s. to you just to get money out of you. So with that said, if people stuck with what they know and didn’t follow something they have no idea about, then we wouldn’t have these integrity issues within the industry. The first point of contact IS WITH YOURSELF!

More to come!

To continue my brigade from my last post. I must say that there is NOTHING healthy about being obese. Sure an obese woman can have all of the confidence in the world and she can love herself; this I am not opposed to because many individuals suffer from some forms of depression and low-self esteem. What I am opposed to is being obese and DOING nothing about it especially when it poses serious dangers to your health. There’s nothing to be proud about in this case and drastic measures should be taken. 


In the case of the so-called Health Guru’s in my previous post, there is one floating around who had surgery (thus MOST of what she accomplished was not done through “holistic” means.) Does this mean people shouldn’t listen to this person? No, but they should undoubtedly question and cross-reference every single thing this individual brings to the table since this person has NO qualifications, borrows plans and ideas from credible people with qualifications and at least some form of studies to back their claims (it helps if these sources were also unbiased.) 


The reason they do not work has to do with the fact that they promote eating one form of food over the other. 


They are also very restrictive and can be VERY boring, thus destroying your motivation to stick to it. 


They can also cause nutritional deficiencies. So if you research some of what these diets claim, sure they can work short term but what about in the long-term? Notice, most people lose the weight and then put it back on once they STOP the diet. 


While the above may not apply to some so-called Health Guru’s, it definitely helps individuals make certain nutritional choices coupled/married with a fitness lifestyle to see and make the changes they want. 


Everyday needs to be a challenge for you when it comes to how you eat, how you work-out and ultimately how you think. 


I will post more of my thoughts later but this is it for right now. 

In the world of twitter there’s so much information out there and tons of misinformation out there. As a Professional and Expert in the area of Fitness & Nutrition it’s disheartening to watch some people throw their lives on the line for individuals who have nothing to back their subjective opinion and claims with. There’s even some borrowing and stealing going in the twitterverse but that’s a different blog and for many of you reading this blog, I’m not talking about who you’re thinking I’m talking about. No, really, I’m not. 

If there were an equivalent for Broscience, it would be known as SisScience. Since this post isn’t to single out anyone particular individual, I just want to use that as an example. If people were just smart enough to go online to look up credible sources of information such as health publications (and NO not women’s health or men’s health) but actual medically published information that backs some of these “guru’s” claims then they’d see how many are full of just plain bullshit. The ability to cross-reference and fact check is not strong across the board and there’s no reason why this should be. In fact, I’d have to say some of the things I’ve learned in getting my credentials were proven wrong after I started doing more research which is why some information you see on my blog “contradict” themselves. Some information were after I was certified and not everything you learn in an academic setting is 100% full-proof, but at least I have the balls to admit my failings. And not just admit my failings but attempting to correct them. 

To be continued, (This first one was just to get some things off of my chest.) 



I’m touching on the importance of food timing, real food vs. processed and intermittent fasting.

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The Solution

Maybe you’ve heard of the Paleo Diet or Paleolithic Diet or maybe you haven’t or maybe it’s  covered in some sort of mystique because it’s foreign to you. Paleo or Paleolithic for short, surrounds itself around the premise or idea that our bodies haven’t adapted sufficiently to eating foods that were not available to us 10,000 years ago. It is believed that over 70% of the foods we eat today were not available or consumed during Paleolithic times. With the advances in technology and agriculture we’ve strayed from eating real food or food meant for optimal health. For many Paleo (mostly Orthodox) eaters tend to stick with meats and vegetables, nuts and seeds, little starch, some fruit and no sugar. For many of the more Orthodox Paleo eaters; it also means no dairy, grains, legumes or alcohol. It also means staying away from processed foods. Basically: EATING AS OUR ANCESTORS ate through hunting and gathering. The BASIS: The SAD (Standard American Diet) is riddled with refined sugars (true), compromised vegetable oils, dairy products and grains all of which contribute or lead to obesity, heart disease and type-2 diabetes. Diet related chronic diseases represent some of the leading causes of death in America. In the Paleolithic era most of these diseases were rare or nonexistent and can be blamed on our compulsive overconsumption of these “fake foods”. (refined sugars, cereals, processed vegetable oils and “steroid” fed/Industry raised meats-cattle.)

What to Eat? 

1. What are the foods you can eat on the Paleo diet? What can’t you eat?

As explained in the above. Your best bet is to stick to all-natural whole foods. Stay away from processed foods that may be compromised. It’s not about a “low carb diet” or a “diet’ period considering you’re living a more healthy lifestyle. Most of your energy will come from the healthy fats you consume and


you’ll actually reach a healthy body composition based off of how you’re eating. Since you’ll be eating meats, vegetables and fruits; you will not have a need for pasta, grains, etc. Your energy will come from avocados, nuts, coconut, etc.

Ten Reasons To Eat Paleo 

Click this link: http://www.leanmachinenyc.com/top-ten-paleo.html

Do I have to be an obsessive crazed Paleo Eater? 

No, not necessarily. The Paleolithic Diet allows for flexibility and creativity. Does it mean you can’t indulge in some alcohol here and there? No. Does it mean you can’t have rice or pasta EVER?? No. It comes down to using basic COMMON sense that as long as you keep a big portion of your diet at least 85% Paleo why not indulge in some of the things you really desire? Besides, we wouldn’t want you actually becoming a “caveman”. LOL

Paleo is considered about the quality of the foods you eat versus being super strict like the popular Atkins diet which is moreso concerned about weight-loss and calorie restriction.

Paleo Eaters Avoid Dairy?? Say Word?!! 

Dairy can pose a few problems or issues. Just click this link:http://whole9life.com/2009/07/dairy-manifesto/

But depending on where the dairy comes from such as A2 dairy or grassfed cows (butter), fermentation (kefir, yogurt, cheese), or even the elimination of milk solids (otherwise known as ghee). Just because it’s neolithic and thus unpaleo doesn’t mean every dairy out there can hurt you. So take the challenge and try 30-Days w/out dairy and if you want feel free to reintroduce dairy back into your diet if you can tolerate it. It doesn’t mean to sit back and guzzle a gallon of milk though. LOL

If you’re consuming dairy that really doesn’t make you a Paleo-eater right?

Let’s put on the brakes here. THERE HAS NEVER BEEN ONE definitive approach when it comes  to the Paleo lifestyle. Let’s use basic deductive reasoning here. Each caveman ate differently based on what was available. We’re not trying to duplicate each and every single eating habits of our prehistoric ancestors. If that’s the case we might as well move out of civilization and go live in the woods or “cave” for that matter w/a bow and arrow. The point is to stick with food choices that promote optimal health!

So if you’d like more information feel free to click the links!